25.09.2018 – Meeting on Work Permits for Expatriate Staff

The European Union-Zambia Business Club members met with the Director General of the Department of Immigration (DoI), Mr. Denny Lungu, to discuss the procedures and requirements for obtaining immigration/work permits for expatriate staff.

The Director General presented in detail the procedures and requirements for obtaining and renewing the different types of permit: temporary employment permit, employment permit, investor’s permit and residence permit, as well as those related to the appeal procedure in case of negative decision by the Immigration Permits’ Committee. The Director General also emphasized the DoI’s efforts to better the procedures and become more efficient by going digital, which is an ongoing process.

On the other hand, the EUZBC members raised their concerns with respect to the practical implementation of these procedures, highlighting the delays encountered in receiving the decisions, the disappearance of the files submitted, the fact that there is no opportunity for the company to orally interact with the Immigration Permits’ Committee to present their case and that the application form does not allow for the candidates to showcase their practical experience and language skills, the rejections are not duly justified.

The DoI took note of these concerns and encouraged EUZBC members to make a formal submission on these matters.

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