13.12.2016 – The EU-Zambia Business Club celebrates the 1st year of its establishment


The purpose of the second (and end of the year) meeting of the EU-Zambia Business Club was twofold: the first part focussed on the arts and culture sector of the economy, whilst the second one took stock of the achievements of the Club and looked forward to the upcoming year.

Ms. Mulenga Kapwepwe, the Chairperson of the National Arts Council of Zambia and ” Zambia’s patron of the arts” according to CNN, honoured the audience with her presence. She summarised the state of play of the sector, which suffers from severe underfunding and a skills gap, whilst also presenting opportunities for the private sector to get involved and appealing to the businesspeople present to offer internship opportunities to the artists, so that they can further develop their work into viable businesses. Interventions and questions from the EUZBC membership focused on the institutional setting of the sector and the way in which the members are already supporting the arts and culture sector.

The second part of the meeting was internal and looked at the draft Constitution of the EUZBC and the steps needed to register the Club as an association under the Societies Act. Other ongoing projects are the building of the website and the logo, which should be finalised in the first quarter of 2017, whilst more medium term objectives refer to conducting a study on the impact of EU investment in Zambia and to increasing the network.

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