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Royal International Development Agency Limited

AddressChester House, Suites: 5, 6 and 7, Cairo Road, P.O.BOX 32188
Phone(+260) 095332468
(+260) 0978833542
Email[email protected]

Royal International Development Agency (RIDAZ) Ltd)
Chester House Second Floor, Cairo Road, Next to Shoprite,
P.O.BOX 32188,
Lusaka. Zambia
Mobile: 0260 0953324608 / Whatsapp: 0260 0978833542

Re: Green technology innovation for cooking Units-Pesitho Ecoca solar-powered -Technology

We are currently called “Royal International Development Agency Limited” an entity incorporated and operating in Zambia and on 27th Oct, 2022, we signed a partnership/Memorandum of Understanding with PESITHO of Denmark for a pilot project in Zambia on PESITHO Ecoca Electric Solar clean cooking technology.

This intended pilot project in Zambia is an innovation one to provide PESITHO-Ecoca Electric Solar clean cooking technology in Zambia as indicated below;

The PESITHO-Ecoca Electric Solar Clean Cooker-Products

The PESITHO-ECOCA Electric Solar Clean Cooker is a compact, self-contained, multi-purpose home cooking unit, run by solar energy.

The PESITHO-ECOCA Electric Solar Clean Cooker can be imagined as a fully working kitchen, which can provide an entire family in a rural area with food and electricity throughout the whole day. It consists of an electric base, which includes a battery pack, a solar panel array and highly insulated cooking pots that can keep food warm for hours.

Pesitho has run different pilot projects with beneficiaries and customers from various vulnerability groups with varying income levels. Pilot projects in partnership with NGO’s and Humanitarian Organizations such as Caritas, wfp and Care mainly involved with refugees considered as the most vulnerable, with little or no income.

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