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Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Ltd

AddressPenyaonse Farm No.2007, Chisamba
Phone(+260) 966860531
Email[email protected]

Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Limited (ZRC) is an agricultural establishment located in Chisamba area, Central Zambia, involved in the production of crops such as maize, wheat, soya beans, sorghum and potatoes. Crops are grown under rain fed conditions as well as sprinkler and center pivot irrigation. The ranching division includes beef cattle rearing.

ZRC is a conglomeration of self-contained farming units, involved in either crop production or ranching activities, each with management and staff carrying out the day to day running of the units.
Zambezi Ranching & Cropping Limited employs more than 700 workers and this doubles during peak periods.

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