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GreenCo Power Services Limited

AddressThe United Church House Plot No.8, First floor, Northern Wing Mosi o Tunya Road Woodlands
Phone(+260) 021122632
Email[email protected]

GreenCo is a government co-owned, independently managed and well-capitalised intermediary off-taker to sit between IPPs on the one hand and utilities and other buyers on the other. GreenCo will be embedded in the local and regional electricity sector and will be able to take practical steps to diversify and mitigate risk, catalysing sustainable structural market change, and supporting electricity sector development in a way that pure financial instruments cannot. GreenCo will operate as a member of regional power pools and will aggregate and mitigate both demand-side and supply-side risks. It will also have the flexibility to provide additional services as the markets develop, such as balancing and ancillary services.
GreenCo aims to help unlock the private capital required to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) and Nationally Determined Contributions (“NDCs”) at lower cost and with less reliance on host Government support.
Whilst it will start operations in Zambia, it will provide regional market support and can be scaled to become an off-taker to renewable energy projects in other countries.

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