European Union – Zambia Business Club

To increase trade and investment between Zambia and the European Union and to contribute to a conducive business environment in Zambia.


The European Union-Zambia Business Club (EUZBC) is a business association made up of European Union and Zambian companies.

It was launched informally in June 2016 and was formally registered as an Association under the Societies Act in June 2017.

The objective of the EUZBC is to increase trade and investment between Zambia and the European Union and to contribute to a conducive business environment in Zambia. The Club allows firms to exchange information and experience, and carry out advocacy and lobby activities together.

The EUZBC is supported by the European Union Diplomatic Missions. The Club has an important role in setting the priorities under the trade and investment chapter of the EU-Zambia political dialogue. In 2019, the priorities identified by the Club and raised during the political dialogue referred to the amendments introduced by the Government to the taxation and land policies.

Please have a look at the EUZBC Constitution to better understand the structure, objectives, and activities of the Club.


President Mr. Michael Kroupnik


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The overall objective of the EUZBC is to contribute to increased trade and investment opportunities between the EU and Zambia

The EUZBC will advocate for equal treatment for all companies present in  Zambia including EU companies, in accordance with the laws.



Respect for the legality of contracts;


Social corporate responsibility.

Business and Economy

Sound business environment and economic governance;


Ethics in business


Fair competition in business.


Promotion of European Union values, know-how and products.

Recent Events

17.05.2022 Meet and Greet

17.05.2022 Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet Cocktail The European Union-Zambia Business Club (EUZBC) held a Meet and Greet cocktail event on May 17th, 2022 at the Lusaka...

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