Mr Mark Lüring

Mr Mark Lüring

Managing Director Drake and Gorham

I am delighted to welcome you to the European Union Zambia Business Club (EUZBC) website! The website provides information about the EUZBC, its mandate and the activities it undertakes for the benefit of the membership.

The Club is run by a Board of professionals, which I preside. Please have a look at the Structure of the Club to know who my colleagues are and what our roles are.

The strength of the EUZBC lies in the diverse membership drawing from various countries of the European Union and Zambia with rich business backgrounds. The Club organises exciting events where topics that have an impact on businesses in Zambia are discussed. Keynote speakers both from private and public institutions are invited to deliver key messages and respond to various issues of concern to the business community. Through these events, Club members have an opportunity to create good networks among themselves and with public officials. We strive to make our interactions as open as possible in order to allow club members to share business experiences in a conducive environment.

At the EUZBC, we believe in mutual support among members in order to fulfill our mandate of facilitating cooperation among EU, Zambian companies, and the Government. We are a relatively young business association, but we are very enthusiastic and optimistic about its future especially considering the business opportunities that Zambia offers. We want to be unique and think differently in order to foster the interests of our members. I am personally intrigued and urge everyone to expect great things from the Club and the business community with which we interact.

To those EU and Zambian businesses that wish to join the Club, you are most welcome to do so. All you need to do is fill in this Membership Form or contact the Secretariat. If on the other hand, you are a business association who would like to partner with the EUZBC or become an association member, please don’t hesitate to contact our Secretariat.

I encourage you to visit our website in order for you to better understand the membership benefits.

Regular Events Held

The EUZBC holds regular events to discuss various topics that have an impact on businesses.  The events provide an important opportunity for members to network and to meet public officials.