EU Zambia Business Club Objectives

Taking advantage of the presence in Zambia of the EU Director for Sustainable Growth and Development at the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (Brussels), Mr. Roberto Ridolfi, the Club organised a meeting with him.

The overall objective of the EUZBC is to contribute to increased trade and investment opportunities between the EU and Zambia. As such, the EUZBC will provide a networking platform for members to gain knowledge of the business environment and to keep abreast of the fast developing economic and business opportunities in Zambia and European Union. The EUZBC will also endeavour to contribute towards a sound environment for businesses and investments by becoming a privileged partner of the Zambian government in terms of dialogue and support to policy definition.

The EUZBC will advocate for:

  • Equal treatment for all companies present in Zambia including EU companies, in accordance with the laws in;

  • Respect for the legality of contracts;

  • Ethics in business;

  • Social corporate responsibility.

  • Sound business environment and economic governance;

  • Fair competition; and

  • Promotion of European Union values, know-how, and products.

EU Zambia Business Club Activities

To achieve its objectives, the Club will, in a first phase, focus on:

  • highlighting the importance of the EU companies present in the country, and how much they contribute (through taxation, economic growth, employment) to its development;

  • facilitating and conducting networking events amongst its Members (B2B events);

  • facilitating the creation of strategic alliances between Zambian and EU companies;

  • encouraging ethical business practises by all companies operating in Zambia, based on fair competition and corporate social responsibility;

  • facilitating and conducting dialogue with the Zambian government on issues related to investment policy; tax regime; right of establishment; work permits; and free movement of goods, services, and capital.

In a second phase, the EU-Zambia Business Club will endeavour to:

  • become a first entry point and a platform for other EU companies wanting to do business in Zambia by offering them business intelligence on the country.

  • make available information and research on topics relevant to businesses in Zambia.

  • promote Zambia as an investment destination amongst the EU business community.

  • provide general services, information, and advice to Members relating to economic, legal, financial, market and other business issues.