European Union – Zambia Business Club

To increase trade and investment between Zambia and the European Union and to contribute to a conducive business environment in Zambia.

The event will be held from January 31st – February 3rd 2023 as a hybrid event, combining virtual components with live, in-person experiences.   Austrian company representatives are invited to participate in person on January 31 and online from February 1 – 3.  African company representatives are encouraged to participate virtually.

AFRICA DAY aims to highlight how businesses can leverage the unique opportunities from and in the regions of the continent, provide practical leads on how to tackle these markets, and, most importantly, provide a platform for companies from Austria and different African regions to connect.

We would like to motivate company representatives from your entire network to participate in B2B meetings, which will be held virtually.

  • Do they want to meet Austrian companies and learn about their ingenious products, services, and technology?
  • Do they want to pitch projects and business opportunities located in the region or country?
  • Are they looking for new Austrian partners?

You and your network are invited to register for AFRICA DAY 2023! Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, as well as industrial and political experts to explore expansion opportunities on the continent.

We would very much appreciate your assistance with reaching as many businesses as possible and to share this invitation with your network.

Please make sure to:

  1. Check your profile in order to present the best possible information about your company.
  2. Provide additional information on your products, services, partnership requirements, expertise, requests etc.
    The extra information will make it easier for other company representatives from Austria and Africa to understand better who you are and what you do and as a consequence request meetings with you.
  3. Check the Austrian participants in order to request meetings with other participants / company representatives you are interested in.The system works on a first come – first served basis. As such, if you wait too long, some participants might already have full programs / no meeting slots available. Keep checking the Austrian participants as more and more company representatives will sign up in the next week.